1) Where do you Deliver?

A: Within a 4 mile radius from our location. To be certain, check your postcode at the top of our page.

2) Is there a minimum order and what are you delivery charges?

Collections: No Minimum Order

Zone 1: 1 mile Radius.  Delivery Charge: 0

Zone 2: 2 mile Radius.  Delivery Charge: 2.99

Zone 3: 4 mile Radius.  Delivery Charge: 3.99

Zone 4: Suspended, we apologise but it has not been possible to operate efficiently within a 6 mile radius during rush-hour.

National: Deli Orders exclusive of freshly-cooked food can be delivered across England, Scotland & Wales with next day Delivery during our Opening days. The cut-off time is 12pm.

Please contact us for such a delivery.

3) How do I know when my food is coming?

When your order is on it's way, you will receive an email, or SMS  or Messenger message depending on the your method of choice.

4) Who delivers my order?

Your delivery will arrive either by one of our drivers or by taxi or uber depending on your location.

5) Where is the rest of your menu?

We are currently operating with a limited food menu due to reduced demand. As demand increases we will be re-introducing more items from our menu as well as weekly specials.

5) What's with the Deli?

Our deli products have been carefully selected to offer the best of Greece as well as the best of Cambridge and East Anglia. We love our Lancashire bombs as much as we love Mastiha, Ouzo and local Beef.

More Greek, Mediterranean and Local products are yet to come at our Deli.

6) Will you be offering cold ready-meals?

It is part of our plans to offer ready-meals that you will be able to heat at home and eat as & when required. These meals will be cheaper and their delivery more streamlined.

The only regularly hot product that is currently available to be delivered cold is the Moussaka(Greeks prefer to eat it cold by the way).

Please do not hesitate to ask us for a whole tray of Moussaka at a discounted price to be delivered at your home for your entire family.

7) I like your website. Where can I get a website & online store like yours?

Please direct your enquiries at: info@restaurant.dev