Zea or Zeia the Grain of Ancients

by George Kontakos on June 05, 2020

Zea or Zeia Flour (Organic) (Triticum dicoccum) is the Grain that the Ancient Greeks used in their daily diet. Funnily, regular wheat was used for animal food those days.

Ancient Grains

It is very similar to regular grains, however its nutritional properties vary significantly, it is far more digestible, high in protein, fiber and minerals. It helps in the absorption of nutrients, suppress chronic inflammation and is thought to prevent the growth and metastasis of cancer. Contains basic amino acid lysine (Lycin) that enhances the immune system and is a key element in the biochemical function of the brain. Due to the large amount of magnesium it makes the products produced from it more digestible. The products from Zea Flour is admittedly more palatable and certainly more nutritious.




At the Olive Grove we have imported this flour from Greece and incorporated it in our cooking methods. We will be rolling out our Sourdough pitta bread that will be available to buy on its own as well as with our Souvlakis and Main Courses.